One-on-One Photography Mentoring

With Matt Suess

Mentorship Program Currently Filled

My one-on-one photography mentorship program is currently filled.

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Only 10 Mentorships Available

Specifically tailored to your goals

The Basics:


75-minute one-on-one Zoom sessions scheduled for your pace and needs.


Online via Zoom as well as in my private online ACES Photography Community.

Mentorship Details 

Open to any skill level. 

For landscape photographers who want to improve their field photography, post processing, website presence, business & marketing, and/or more!

All specifically tailored to your photography goals.

How can a photography mentorship benefit me?

Mentorships are a time-honored tradition in the arts of working one-on-one with a mentor to help develop or advance your skills and further your personal dreams and goals.

As your mentor I am there to provide you guidance, wisdom, support, advice, counsel, feedback, perspective, expertise & coaching over a sustained period of time. 

I am a champion of your work, guiding & supporting your dreams and aspirations to help you become more creative, confident, and skilled.
Mentorships are extended programs.

Mentorships are designed to provide you structure and accountability while you follow your passion and improve your photography or business. 

Usually sessions are scheduled approx. every 3 weeks (but can be modified based on your needs). This spacing allows for time to fit your development path in your busy life and lets you advance at a pace that achieves lasting results.

Programs range from 4 to 16 sessions. This allows us to focus together on a more complete view of your photographic journey over time, providing you with a tailored transformation specific to your needs.
Mentorships are often goal-orientated. 

Topics can be narrow or wide ranging based on your personal goals. 

They can lead towards improving your workflow and post processing skills, preparing for an exhibition, developing or enhancing your personal style, creating a portfolio, improving your vision and techniques when out in the field photographing, website development, improving your social media presence, marketing and selling your work, and more.
By working with me as your mentor, together we can create a program that will help you become a more confident, creative & productive photographer or business person.

How do I start?

The first step begins with an application process. Just like each photographer, every mentorship is unique and no two sessions or programs are the same.

This process is designed for me to assess your areas of need and determine how best I can help you.

Providing as much detail as possible will help me figure out I am a good fit for you and which program you most likely will benefit from.
What to expect after applying.

Once you submit your application, I will carefully review it. All applicants will receive a personal reply from me usually within a few days after I am able to review it.

If I think we may be a good fit, we will schedule a 30 minute Zoom call to further discuss your goals, personally answer any of your questions, and develop a course of action with your personal mentorship program. 

Following this call it will be time for you to register and start the mentorship by scheduling your first session.

Do you work with everyone?

I love helping as many photographers as I can and I genuinely love seeing the growth and advancement from my students.

In order to do this effectively and with maximum benefit to my mentees, there are only so many photographers I can help via this personal approach while providing the support I want to deliver to achieve the results you want to achieve. 

A lot of time and energy is put into helping you achieve your goals and become as successful as possible and to do that effectively, I limit the number of photographers I work with at any given time. 
Unfortunately, as a result, I am not able to work with everyone who contacts me about a mentorship. 

Through the application process I may find we may not be a good fit for each other, as my approach or expectations may not align with yours or I may not be able to provide the transformation you desire. 

It is important to me that you find the right person to help you. 

What to expect during your mentorship.

Sessions will be held online via Zoom and are scheduled for 75 minutes per session. 

This will provide us the time to review what you have been working on since our last session, answer questions that came up, and provide you actionable steps you can take following our session.

You will also have access to a private online portal where additional content may be provided by me depending on your personal path. It is also the place where you will be able to post any assignments you may have, photos that need to be reviewed, or quick questions that come up between sessions.

I'll be looking in on this portal once a week to look at mentees postings and questions. If I am able to quickly answer questions and/or make comments on assignments & posts I will, otherwise some posts in the portal will be best responded to during our sessions.

What type of programs do you offer?

The table below shows the most popular options I offer. 

If you want to begin a mentorship and require specific needs not outlined below, I am completely flexible. 

Some photographers may need to schedule an intensive week or two of work for a specific deadline or project. The possibility for this will depend on your timing and my availability. This type of short term, high intensity work will likely necessitate a higher rate which will be discussed prior to your registration.

No matter what you are looking for and need, I am more than willing to try and figure out a customized program that can work for both of us, so never hesitate to ask!


Every mentee has their own unique set of goals or needs.
Here is a list of possible session topics. Note: we are not limited to just this list!

  • ​Post Processing - from Culling to Editing
  • ​Photography Tips - Using Manual Settings, Discussing Composition & Framing, Finding the Best Light, etc.
  • ​Workflows & Procedures
  • ​Finding & Developing Your Personal Style
  • ​Becoming More Creative
  • ​Any and All Photo Gear, Equipment & Related Accessories
  • ​Printing
  • ​Marketing & Selling Your Work/Products
  • ​Improving Your Business
  • ​Pricing & Presenting Work
  • ​Exhibitions
  • ​Portfolio and/or Website Development/Critique
  • Social Media Review & Guidance
  • ​Scouting Locations
  • ​Using Filters
  • ​Using Special Features of Your Camera
  • ​Time Lapse
  • ​Long Exposures
  • ​Trip Planning
  • ​Finding Time to Photograph
  • ​Researching Upcoming Trips for Photo Potential
  • ​Night Sky
  • ​And Anything Else You Want to Know!!

Apply Here!

Initially limited to just 10 photographers.

Standard Mentorship Programs:



Paid in Full

or 3 payments of $400 each
  One 30-minute Zoom Intake Session to plan your path
  Four 75-minute one-on-one Zoom Mentoring Sessions
  Private online portal for assignments & photo posting, reference material, file sharing, any extra videos, etc.
  Convenient online session scheduling
  Sessions recorded & downloadable including transcription
  100% tailored to your personal photography journey
  For photographers who need a less intensive transformation usually on 1 or 2 skill areas



Paid in Full

or 3 payments of $800 each
  One 30-minute Zoom Intake Session to plan your path
  Eight 75-minute one-on-one Zoom Mentoring Sessions
  Private online portal for assignments & photo posting, reference material, file sharing, any extra videos, etc.
  Convenient online session scheduling
  Sessions recorded & downloadable including transcription
  100% tailored to your personal photography journey
  For photographers who are looking for a more deep-dive approach in perhaps multiple skill areas



Paid in Full

or 6 payments of $695 each
  One 30-minute Zoom Intake Session to plan your path
  Sixteen 75-minute one-on-one Zoom Mentoring Sessions
  Private online portal for assignments & photo posting, reference material, file sharing, any extra videos, etc.
  Convenient online session scheduling
  Sessions recorded & downloadable including transcription
  100% tailored to your personal photography journey
  For photographers who are looking for the ultimate deep-dive, who want to transform multiple skill areas, and who ultimately have larger goals with their photography or business
It is possible to customize the above programs; additional fees may apply
"Thank you, Matt! I know I wasn’t as prepared as I should have been but for me it was an experience I will never forget! The Tetons are awesome and to be able to capture their beauty with your guidance was truly a blessing! 

You have the utmost patience and instead of just telling me to do something, or how to do something, you helped me to think about solutions. Many instructors/leaders have an ego and those individuals are difficult to learn from. 

You don’t. You are a top-notch instructor. "
Jill E.
2019 Spring Grand Teton Photo Workshop Student
"Matt is the best instructor I've had for any creative activity, but especially photography. He is patient in explaining things, and really helps you focus on the areas that YOU want to develop rather than focusing on what he thinks you need improvement on. 

 He also is the only instructor I've had in creative endeavors that is so supportive of you owning your unique style - I've always been one to do things my way, and most instructors struggle with students who don't "do as you're told," but Matt teaches to help you learn rather than trying to get you to do things his way. 

Matt also is great about making sure that each person gets heard and gets time for their questions to be answered, which requires facilitation of the discussions in such a way that people aren't talked over but also that people don't feel like they are being shut down...this is not an easy thing to do. Plus, he has a great sense of humor, which is always appreciated!

The Milky Way Workshop felt more about learning some techniques, setting up the shot, then waiting to see if it worked. This was more thinking on your feet and instantly applying things and adjusting (which was likely part of my brain wasn't ready). 

 I would recommend both trips, and have so loved showing people the magic that was captured both times. And it's fun to be able to brag about the great teacher we had each time. "
Emily L.
2018 June Tetons Milky Way and 2019 Spring Grand Teton Photo Workshop Student
"As with any outside landscape/wildlife workshop, a lot depends on the weather, animal behavior/time of year and other factors (crowds) that the workshop has little control over. 

However, when circumstances weren't 'great' for where we were and what we were trying to do, you always brought up the concept of looking for something else to work on while at the location. And many times, just plain patience was all that was needed to bring in that 'AHHHH' moment.

I think the way you handled the workshop was as near perfect as any student could ask for."
Harley M.
2019 Fall Grand Teton Photo Workshop Student

About Matt Suess

I am honored to be sponsored by Olympus as an Olympus Educator

Even though I now shoot with Olympus full-time, it doesn't mean that you have to as well. I am quite experienced with many cameras (especially Canon, Nikon & Sony which I have shot with before) and all brands are welcome on my workshops 😊
Fine Art Photographer and Olympus Educator

Photography has always been a huge part of my life starting at the age of 12 when I had my own black & white chemical darkroom. That early interest launched a full-time professional photography career that began in 1990 and continues today.

For the first 17 years of my career I was a photojournalist based in New England. I am a digital photography pioneer and began teaching digital photography to photojournalists in the late 90’s, helping bring digital cameras to two different newspapers. I was awarded the 2003 New England Press Associations Photographer of the Year award for my work at the Cape Cod Times. During my time as a photojournalist, I also photographed weddings & portraits, as well as corporate & commercial assignments.

In 2006 I decided to leave all of that behind and move West, where I am now a fine art landscape & nature photographer, educator, and publisher. In addition, I also accept select luxury resort & architectural photography assignments. 

I teach numerous field & classroom workshops throughout the year as well as online courses and I provide occasional free online webinars. You may have already seen my videos for software companies such as Skylum and ON1. My passion for sharing and teaching what I have learned during my long career is evident in my down-to-earth and encouraging approach with my students.

I am sponsored by Olympus as an Olympus Educator. One does not need to shoot with Olympus gear though to take my workshops.

I live in Bozeman, Montana with my fiance and fine art painter Whitney Hall and our two blue heeler cattle dogs. 

You can find me online on Instagram and YouTube at @mattsuessphoto

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I am an Official Fotopro Tripods Reseller and you can order your Fotopro tripods direct from me here.
DxO makes some of my favorite photo processing software such as: PhotoLab 5, PureRAW, FilmPack 6, & the NIK Collection.
Topaz Labs makes popular plugins like: Sharpen AI, Denoise AI, Mask AI, Gigapixel AI and more.
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